Vans x Metallica – Sk8-Hi Reissue, Slip-On, and Apparel (2.16.18) #Metallica #VansxMetallica


Words via Vans:

“Vans, the leading youth culture brand and icon of creative expression, joins forces with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and multiple-Grammy® Award winning band Metallica, to release an exclusive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories. The latest installment from the long-time Vans x Metallica partnership marks the third collaboration between the storied brand and band.

The Vans x Metallica collection highlights the newly designed Metallica logo for a heavy metal rendition of Vans classic silhouettes. Dressed in full grain leather upper and tonal deco-stitched Sidestripe, the Sk8-Hi Reissue showcases an etched Metallica logo on the sidewall with a wrapped version on the quarter panels. The Classic Slip-On features an all-over logo print across the vamp and is finished with the same engraved Metallica logo on the sidewalls. A short sleeve t-shirt and trucker hat round out the offering using a Vans x Metallica logo lock-up.

Metallica’s most recent album, Hardwired…To Self Destruct, was released on November 18, 2016 on Metallica’s own Blackened Recordings record label and debuted at No. 1 around the world, selling over 800,000 copies worldwide in its first week and garnering the band Grammy® nominations for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album.

The Vans x Metallica collection will be available to shop in Vans retail stores and online at and through the bands official website, beginning February 16th. For more information, please visit  Click on either pic to purchase from the Vans site when they go live on FRIDAY.



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Charlene Holy Bear – Native American Beadwork Slip-Ons (Customs)


I came across this recent Vogue article about Charlene Holy Bear, a member of the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Tribe, who has been making some noise in the fashion world, with her intricate traditional Lakota beadwork.  The reason you’re hearing about her from us, is that she has made some of the most amazing pairs of custom Vans that we’ve ever seen!  We’ve seen plenty of customs featuring some type of beadwork on them, but none at this level of detail and accuracy.  You can tell these are done professionally, by someone who’s put in a lot of work to perfect their craft.  The design aesthetic alone is eye-catching, with the vibrant colors, and unique square within a square patterns which lend themselves nicely to a classic Vans checkerboard print, but the tightness and perfect straightness of her beadwork is something that can’t be overlooked.  It’s a thing of beauty, and I just wanted to show respect where respect is due, and share some awesome Vans with you all.  It also looks like some folks over at corporate have hooked her up with some pairs to work on, which is really cool.  Vans always supports the arts, and well, just about any cool shit, lol!

Each pair of Vans shoes that she creates can take about 2 weeks to complete, so don’t be surprised that a pair will set you back a cool $950, which you can pre-order on her webstore, where you can request specific colors and styles for your pair.


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Vans – Mixed Checkerboard Pack (Feb. 2018)


Vans’ coveted checkerboard print was first introduced in the late ‘70s on the Style #48 after Steve Van Doren, son of the Vans founder, noticed kids drawing the pattern across the sidewalls of their shoes. Van Doren worked with designers to bring that same pattern to uppers of the canvas model and lives on decades later on the Checkerboard Slip-On. The style became a global icon after being featured as a part of the character Jeff Spicoli’s Southern California uniform, giving the Checkerboard Slip-On international attention. This enduring style has become globally recognized and to modernize the heritage print, Vans designers have scaled the Checkerboard pattern juxtaposing both large and small-scale checkers across the vamp and quarter of Vans’ heritage footwear model.

The Authentic leads the pack and uses three different size variations of Checkerboard across the vamp with micro-check pattern lining on the collar. The Sk8-Hi and Old Skool styles use traditional black suede quarter panels and a leather white Sidestripe that splits the quarter panel of each style allowing for two Checkerboard variations. The Classic Slip-On rounds up the assortment and uses macro-sized checks on the vamp with micro-checks along the quarter-panel for a true remix on the model that first debuted over 41 years ago.

The Vans Mixed Checkerboard Pack is available in Vans retail stores and online at now.

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Kadirwarriors – “CW-IV” aka Part IV: The Checker Warriors (Vans Customs)


It’s been a long time since I’ve featured any custom works on here, especially of the Vans Customs program types, but when our friends, the Kadirwarriors from Singapore reached out to me, to feature a design that they came up with as a collective, then I thought I’d show a little love for them, for being such Vans fanatics, in a country that is relatively new to Vans on a more widespread scale. Even if the rare and limited Vans are mostly being imported via eBay auctions and Facebook group transactions, it’s this same passion that resonates to the masses, who might just want to step outside of their normal everyday style, and buy that first pair of Slip-Ons, Authentics, Old Skools, or Sk8-Hi’s. Any sub-culture needs it’s advocates, and these guys are a perfect example of that. Thank you all for supporting Vans like we do, and living their culture, creating your own path, while holding down Singapore for all of us Vans enthusiasts, proving Vans is truly a world-wide brand.

Here’s a brief message from Faisal (@cacal) of Singapore’s most notorious group of Vans collectors, all whom are first cousins or brothers, the Kadirwarriors.

“We present to you, the Kadirwarriors x Vans Part IV, the ‘Checker Warriors’ or shorten for ‘CW-IV’. Silos of choice, were two of our favorite models: The style 44 & 98, also known as the Slip-on and Authentic. With the Vans Customs program, our entire Kadirwarriors came up with a design that we unanimously agreed upon, which we want to share with you here.

The ‘CW-IV’ defines the Kadirwarriors and our love of Vintage Japanese Americana style, especially the vintage Vans look, with the iconic checkered foxing. We chose the checkerboard motif as it commemorates every single one of us to why we are here in the first place. The olive (Army Green) theme was added as it has been instilled in most of us, having that military vibe in our style. The ‘Warriors’ repeat pattern on the Authentic was selected to commemorate one of our favorite classic designs, the FuckingAwesome x Vans. I remember we were all looking forward to the Authentic releasing. Fun fact: Under The Palms made a repost of all the official 3 colors released worn by us in the @underthepalms IG account. We were all so stoked!

We personalized both models with embroidery stencil of our initials ‘KWAR’ on the left shoe, and the shoe name ‘CW-IV’ on the right, respectively. We finished the Slip-On with our trademark skull hand-sign logo on the panel. You wouldn’t want to know how many emails we had to send to Vans to get the logo approved for us to put on this pair. Vans has very strict protocol on pictures you want to submit. Lucky it went through, (perhaps with some referrals from some US Vans employees we befriended through IG).

As some of you guys may know, doesn’t ship to Asia, but after 3 weeks, the shoes finally arrived, safely in Singapore. Just for fun, we have decided to assist with another 20 pairs, so if any friends want to be a part of the family and have a pair, please do contact us on our official IG @kadirwarriors or email us at

Thank you.”

Faisal (@cacal)

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Vault by Vans – OG Style 238 LX (Feb. 2018)


Accompanying the OG Old Skool LX’s for this month’s OG Vault release, we also get these amazing OG Style 238 LX’s aka the Native American.  These take you back to the late 80’s to early 90’s.  Beefed up with extra protection, the Style 238 was designed with the vert and pool skaters in mind, and featured a rubber toe cap, and rubberized ollie pad.  Since Long Beach’s very own Vault by Vans dealer Proper’s reintroduction of the shoe about a decade ago, the Style 138 has only popped up a few times, most notably with the Supreme versions, which took inspiration from original colorways from the old Vans Made In The USA archive.  These are a nice addition to that legacy, and the color and suede/canvas material combo makes them look like they are right from that same era.  Great job with these, Vans designers!  Once again, thank you General Admission for the pics!

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Vault by Vans – OG Old Skool LX (Feb. 2018)

Check out the latest round of Vault OG Old Skool LX’s to drop.  Although, the collection has been mostly under wraps, I feel that this pack will not be around for long.  They’ve finally answered our cries for an OG Old Skool in the classic black/white colorway with contrast white stitching, aka the “GR”, aka the “One You Buy For Your Kids”, aka the “Basic Bitch” lol.  Now, you can step your game up and get on board with something that only us Vans snobs care about!  They’re done up in the classic suede/canvas material combo that the OG Old Skool LX is known for, and the colors.  Whew, the colors people!!!  Check out that dope Ashrose/Black pair.  Very similar to the ArcAd x Santa Cruz pair.  If you missed out on that one, then get these.  The Black/White is a must, and the Marshmallow/Light Gum is a little out of left field, but if you’ve ever had a pair of gum sole Vans, you’ll appreciate how clean they stay, or appear to stay at least.  These are starting to pop up at various Vault dealers, so I won’t shout out any specific shops, but I will give credit to Feature, and General Admission for the pics.  Thanks guys in advance!

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Vans Classics – Suede Outsole Pack (Jan. 2018)


Vans Classic designers are forever evolving heritage models with design updates season-to-season, continuously showcasing the breadth of silhouettes offered by the iconic brand. For the first drop of 2018, Vans releases the next iteration of the Authentic Platform 2.0 and the Classic Slip-On Platform.

Vans designers re-imagined the application of color and materials extending a new design treatment on the elevated sidewall. Suede covers the Authentic Platform 2.0 and Classic Slip-On Platform across the upper and wraps around the sidewalls of each shoe. This design detail creates a unique take on monochromatic styling that couples texture and added height for a fashionable take on Classic styles. Available in evening sand, ochre, asphalt, and blue flower, these vibrant colorways create the latest statement piece from Vans’ extensive collections. 

 Vans’ ability to re-imagine their classic styles through various fabrics and trending hues help alter the quintessential look that Vans’ fans around the world know and love, proving that Vans are ‘Not Just One Thing’. The Suede Outsole Pack will be available to shop in Vans retail locations and online at this January.

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Vans Skate – Versa Hoodie DX (1.20.18)


Vans, the original action sports footwear and apparel brand, proudly debuts its landmark skate apparel innovation of 2018, the Versa Hoodie DX. Pioneering a new vision for Vans performance skate apparel, the Versa Hoodie DX’s ubiquitous look showcases an evolution of style, comfort and skateboard functionality all-in-one. No matter how hard you skate, the Versa Hoodie DX is constructed to breathe easy, repel water and handle wear and tear.

“Our pro skate team riders are the major catalyst for developing a hoodie that would perform at the highest level,” Vans director of global design for apparel and accessories, Colin O’Connor explains. “We focused on incorporating a durable fabric blend, comfort and functionality that would fit our riders needs both on and off the board.”

Pro-built for skateboarders, the Versa Hoodie DX employs critical performance features without sacrificing Vans’ timeless, classic aesthetic. Through unique fabric construction and finishing, the Versa Hoodie DX is built to endure the elements, utilizing Storm Cotton™, a hydrophobic shield that causes water to form beads that roll off the surface, while enhancing the garment with water repellency and maintaining breathability. The Versa Hoodie DX also utilizes a durable fabric blend—a strong, heavyweight fleece that withstands abrasion.

Professional skateboarder and Vans team rider Anthony Van Engelen attests, “I like to be able to trust the durability of not only my shoes, but my clothes too. The Versa Hoodie has become an everyday tool for me to achieve what I need to accomplish, just like my shoes and my board, and just as durable.”

The Versa Hoodie DX includes reflective details on the pocket, hood and lower back that allow for multi-directional reflectivity, as well as a patent-pending hidden media pocket for quick access and secure phone storage.

The Versa Hoodie DX will be available in cement heather, old gold and classic black on January 20, 2018 and retails for $94.50. Learn more about this special project and where to purchase at


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Vans – “Made For The Makers” Pack (Available Now @silostore) #silostore


The Made for the Makers collection is designed for the cooks, dish washers, sign painters, tattoo artist, barbers, and everyone in between who spend their days in hardworking environments. With vulcanized lugged “non-slip” outsoles, 8 oz Vansguard canvas and suede uppers to repel liquids and dirt, and contoured drop-in UltraCush sockliners for long-lasting comfort.  You asked for the restaurant shoe, and now you have it!  The pack is available in all four of the classics we know and love:  Sk8-Hi, Old Skool, Authentic, and Slip-On.

Cop your pair from our friends at Silo!

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Vault by Vans – Italian Leather Old Skool LX (Now Available!)


Check out the latest Vault by Vans release to start hitting shelves.  The premium line from Vans has introduced this Italian Leather pack, featuring 3 Old Skool LX’s, in 3 bold colorways: Arctic, Cielo, and Mango.  The Mango pair is the one that people seem to be talking about the most, and rightfully so with that bold orange color.  Each pair sits atop an all-white sole, with contrast white jazz stripes and laces.  Look for these to start showing up at your local Vault dealer soon, for approx. $120.

info via Hypebeast

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